Bull or Bear?

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The Outlook For Stocks Is........

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  1. This Time For Real. Crash Mode!

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  2. Setting Up For A New Highs Soon Rally!

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  3. The Damage Is Done But I'll Sell Just above 1400

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  4. I'd Rather Be A Buyer In The 1360 Zone

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  1. Ah, sentiment. A wonderful indicator.....
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    I think Yahoo/msn polls are way better than ET for that sort of thing, thousands of participants & generally clueless in technical market analyses, pure sentiment barometer.

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  5. Agreed.
  6. ==============
    Even though didnt voTe in poll ;
    voTe right here.

    Its still a bull market according to old but hi probability true Dow theory, mentioned that to Buy1sell2 nickname recently

    However best downtrend i have seen last 4 0r 5 years;
    by many measures, especially 50 day ma.[moving average,$$]

    Also never thought of this fundamental like this , and I am sure its true, dont know the timing on it, its several thousand years old , but very up todate.
    Fundamentalist preacher quoted/warned with the Hebrew Hymn[Semetic Psalms] today''The Bulls of Bashan rushed me.''!!!!!!!

    Still good polar bear trend [50dma.....];
    most likely scenerio say perhaps by this week end friday,
    3--09-07 end ;
    Bulls of Bashan may try to make a killer move on the polar bears.

    Not a prediction,
    but remember king Davids comment on ''Bulls of Bashan rushed me''.His son Solomon was one of the wisest wealthiest trader-kings in Israel.