Bull Markets Last At Least 3-4 Years; FlyDown's Tops Last At Most 3-4 Days

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  1. Think about it for a second. Why must you permabears think this time is different and the Bull Market will end early ?

    Earnings drive stock markets. Earnings are extremely strong right now. M&A and Share Buyback Activity is increasing. Dividends are increasing. Some sectors haven't even barely participated yet. Financials should pick up some steam this year.

    I've been stating this message for more then 6 months. It gets ignored on this site, but the market movers and shakers have more awareness of this dynamic then the average Joe posting here. By a long shot.

    I don't personally know exact levels where Indexes are going to. I think trading Index futures short term is a fools game. I just know it is still extremely easy to find equities at reasonable ( and sometimes cheap ) valuations. And, yes, there are some overvalued equities as well. As a trader, there are plenty of opportunities long and short right now.

    The number of people who get on this site and proclaim that markets will correct imminently because ... well .... just because they went up is astonishing. The truth is, in a bull market just randomly guessing up is a much better bet then randomly guessing down. But what do we get here ? A bunch of people randomly guessing down.
  2. I agree with your analysis -- it seems most posters here should be lobbying the Fed to stop insanity, rather than trading. Economics and finance are different things.
  3. It gets ignored because you cannot trade. What imbecile starts a thread about another forum member? I suggest suicide if you're truly that insecure.
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  6. I think its important for people to realize the economic crisis in the US was much worse then in the majority of the world.
    Which is actually good news for the US; new markets to help the recovery.

    The source of the problems can be directly linked to people like George W. Bush and Alan Greenspan. I personally think the current administration is showing more constraint and solid leadership then what we are used to seeing at times in the US. Good sign.
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  8. You call this analysis?

    Let me guess you weren't even born when Greenspan took over as Fed Chairman.

    A typical bull market baby. Gonna get your ass handed to you on any meaningful correction...and when Atticus meets up with you, you'll be feeding thru a straw...
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    Traders need to block out media. Especially Zerohedge. That site has been gloom and doom since 1000 in S&P. Not to mention the idiots they have on cnbc and bloomberg who are constantly spewing bullshit. If you stick to technicals and ignore all these headlines (I don't know why you would even pay attention to data/headlines if you are a trader) you shouldn't have a problem trading this market.
  10. The women on Bloomberg are ... interesting. (Margaret Brennan allegedly speaks fluent Arabic, which would probably mean she could give you the inside scoop on Egypt. Inside & Margaret Brennan.... Num nums.)
    Other than that, you're right.
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