Bull markets end on good news

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by nutmeg, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Where is the good news?
  2. gdp #S
  3. DOW 14000.
    Did that.
    Time to do something new.
  4. This thread is moving along like a flat tire. There is no good news, n'est ce pas? We have a little fire going on here, it starts to die out and the media/analysts dumps a stack of subprime private equity newspaper clippings or pessimistic news du jour trying to smother it.

    Inquiring minds want to know, why did the market go down? Let me check the list on my teleprompter. Tell 'em anything, not to shut them up but to keep 'em talking.
  5. most markets shift their long term trend, on extremes. Those extremes aren't there in the market. Plus the curves increase in slope to almost a vertical fashion(parabolic), before collapsing.
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    I agree with you Spectre. Before heading to a real bear market (i.e. several years), we need big excesses on the up side. I think we are not here yet, PERs are still "too" reasonable.
  7. BX and FIG "mark the top" It was a sales pitch to sell a concept and a success, (re the share holders what's the caveat? You knew there was risk). I'll be going duck hunting during duck season strategy, the market is high.
  8. checkout the nasdaq-spooz spread, its holding up pretty well, the earnings from technology sector are just recently improving over a long term basis.

    growth sector will outperform, since the world is technology hungry to rebuild itself.