bull market?

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  1. traderk,

    thanks for posting the link, colby is wrong.


  2. Pabst


    Guess he got the "good news" to sell into.:p
  3. Why?
  4. Because Surf consulted the I-Ching and it says so...

  5. Right!
  6. I can see 985 tops here; based on all the "other" one hit wonders that ran 25%...

    But what is your rationale for summarily dismissing that the most expected outcome from the War is obviously up, there is no expectation of lower prices here.

    3D MA of TRIN is 4th lowest I've recorded since 3/00
    VIX is 14% < 10DMA
    Bulls are 50+ %
    MF Cash is 4%

    I can "see" more upside in fact I am long SPY, but I am cautiously long..you seem in all your posts to feel it's a lock.

    I'd like to hear why.

  7. PKJR


    and I thought that we are traders..

    saying that someone is wrong does not make any sense to me..have your plan and execute it - that's all there is to it..the moment you think you know everything and start passing judgements the moment Ms Markie will make sure that you know nothing about trading..

    I do not know who is right and I do not know the future I just follow my rules. One of my systems triggered short and I am short 1/2 @ 902.75/903 based on 15min charts in the overnight session but who cares if your plan allows to be stopped out and you follow your rules blindly...if you guys would not want to buy I could not short it :)

    Good luck to all and do not be influenced by any opinions this is business of probabilities and risk management and not who is right or wrong..

  8. i don't agree that the most expected outcome of the war is up. the old adage of buying the cannons and selling the trumpets still is prevalent in investors minds. meaning when the canons start, the market will go up and when victory ( trumpets ) is declared look out below. this case is different due to the rebuilding efforts, tax cutting presidential rhetoric, etc.

    i am seeing repetitive bullish patterns in the indexes on long term charts among other things and am expecting dow to approach and perhaps supass 9000 by end of year.

    best to you,

  9. PKJR, the problem with that theory is that there are so many genii in the house that many will be dead right no matter what happens. Of course, if they stay at the table long enough, then they will be suitably rewarded :p
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