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  1. legendary markettimer, bob brinker, turned bullish on 3-11-03. buy buy buy he said.
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  4. whatever ...

    Guys like that are mainly marketers who are selling something.
  5. Anyone remember Brinker's ZZZBest recommendations?

    He is 'legendary' all right.
  6. brinkers last call was put half you money in the QQQ at 80. he is still holding that one.
  7. ...trying to sell that newsletter. As soon as he makes a call, the entire next radio show is full of callers "spilling the beans". :D
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    you can't buy balls.

  9. Thats exactly right

    He made that call early in the collapse, and never let go, no stop loss not nothing, from 80 to 25.

    Somehow, those who praise Bob dont feel that call counts in his record. It one of the wost calls of all time
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    I agree that QQQ call was very bad. I will give him credit though for being fully invested in equities right until Jan 2000 when he said to put all your equity money in the money market. I'm sure he saved alot of people much dinero....

    Brinker seems to be good at very long term overall market direction but he doesn't really seem to be a good trader. Good advise for those old folks and there Ginnie Mae funds though :D
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