Bull are pushing Big White candle up...

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  1. Bulls are back and with a whopping day that saw big white candles up the asses of shorts and bears.

    Today came after a lackluster trading week after GE fall outs. INTC earnings was the catalyst market was looking for and it got one. This puts all the major indexes above 50 day moving averages and makes a good bullish pattern complete. Hope we never have to go down to those days of shorting the rallies and heading to hills on every tick. I hope not and I hope never ever again. Let the charts heal, enough damage is done to them.

    I traded BIDU and POT, AGU, MTL for 30, 10, 3, 10 points respectively. Its was a high energy daytrading type action, using option strategies and buying stocks. Its was a huge nice day after all this negativity and aura of doom and gloom.

    Bulls are back, and they will keep pushing white candles up the ...... of shorts and bears from now on. I hope the shorts burned to hell in today's 256 point move!

    Here is a quote for the day from one of the masters of trading.

    "Big money is made going long" - Dan Zangner- Master Trader.
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  3. :confused:

    Is anyone who's bullish considered a troll here at TrailerTrader.com?

    Yeah, let's have another thread about The Coming Depression and how the S&P500 will drop below 100. That'll be good for about 100 posts from the resident visionaries.

  4. Thank you for your kind response.

    The short were ready with armies lined up when Intel blew the doors on the earnings. They panicked , covered, and the market action just went out of control, big hedge fund jumped in and it became a classic huge rally with averages knocking 2.00+ percent gains everywhere-- its called pushing white candle up the asses of bears--- a phrase coined by great STOCKTRADER 3.

    Enough of this doom and gloom there is no place for it now.We are going higher with or without the recession. Screw the shorts and perma bears, they have done lot of damage to our charts.

  5. IBM came in with another set of mind blowing numbers!

    Where is the recession now?
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    I see you're now paper trading through your rear view mirror.

  7. Paper trading my ass. Down in the trenches from opening bell to late in the office.
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    If you are so bullish and believe so firmly in the market going up forever then why aren't you long? Why are you wasting time day trading if you so confidently know that "big money is made going long"?
  9. day, how about you prove all your doubters wrong and post a screenshot?

  10. I can trade any which way I want. I can be a buy and hold investor ( not now) I can daytrade tick by tick using 1 min charts for entry / exits on equities. I can use option stratgies on the fly like I did today trading BIDU. Here is what happened today:

    BIDU was trading at $300.00 early on to buy 1000 shares thats $300,000 in tied up capital. So here is what I did. I shorted BIDU 310 puts for $15.00 and it created a cash flow 1500x 100= $150,000 into the account with a net margin of $ 90,000. Bidu moved past the 310 mark in a hurry and the puts were closed.

    You can duplicate this strategy for tomrrows action on Bidu. Yes you must be prepared to take delivery of stock.
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