Building Track Record / Finding Professional Trading Job

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Jgills, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    I'm new here and I've come here as a last resort. I'm typically one to not visit trading forums simply because I know I am human and I know that by reading others market opinions it may somehow influence mine, but right now I need some help and this may prove to be a good visit.

    I am a recent college graduate (I graduated in May) and I'm working as an analyst at a major bank in NY.

    In my heart I am a trader.

    I have spent the past two years reading and studying and the past year trading on my own account.

    Since November 2010 I have earned an Absolute ROIC of roughly 150%, + or - some, I recalculate it on a monthly basis and this current month has not yet ended. I have placed close to 300 orders (buy or sell) on the year, they were not all profitable (I'm not some kind of superhuman), but I knew when I had to get out and when I didn't have to, so I kept my losses limited.

    I have traded securities including futures, stocks and options, but the majority of my trades are through futures or options.

    I am trying to find a job as a trader at any firm that does not require me to put up capital and it is proving to be incredibly difficult and tiresome, which is why I am coming here, hopefully for some helpful advice.

    I don't care about starting at the bottom of the barrel as an assistant getting coffee for traders, etc, as long as the opportunity is infront of me and I have the chance to sit on the desk with them (but I would deffinetly prefer starting as a junior trader with a small book, or something of the sort, who wouldn't).

    I am open to anything.

    If anyone has any words of wisdom or helpful advice please post or reach out to me via a private message.

    Thanks very much,