Building own Trading PC, please comment

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jtrading, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Only reason I am building my own trading PC is to use dual monitors, so going for silent and cheap as possible without compromising value.

    Win 7 64 bit Pro - should I get 32 bit vs 64 bit? (using TOS) And Pro vs Home, do you guys use XP mode?

    4GB RAM - do I need 8GB?

    Nvidia Quadro NVS 290
    i3-540 (should be more than enough CPU)
    WD Blue 160GB HDD (thought about SSD but can't justify cost yet)
    Seasonic X650 Gold Power Supply (want to be quiet)
    DVI splitter cable - any recommendations? Not sure if anyone has noticed lag on certain brands

    Thoughts on CPU and RAM?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Depends on what you're doing with the system and how you trade.

    Please describe your trading style, how many positions for how long, what types of positions, what else will be done with the system concurrent with trading, non-concurrent with trading, etc.
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    daytrading on tos, equities, only a few positions at a time (I am new to daytrading). want one monitor for 9 charts, 2nd monitor for 4 charts, L2, T&S, browser, excel non-intensive
  4. Quotes from jtrading:

    RE: Only reason I am building my own trading PC is to use dual monitors,

    If this is the only reason, why did you feel you need to build your own? There are many i3 class computers out there with 1 PCIe X16 expansion slot (typically). You can just open up the case, insert a dual graphics card and be done. With the manufacturer's economy of scale (buying parts on cheap), and the deep discount on the operating system license, I think you will be much better off buying a ready-made box.

    RE: Win 7 64 bit Pro - should I get 32 bit vs 64 bit? (using TOS) And Pro vs Home, do you guys use XP mode?

    Most box makers offer Win7 Home. For your use probably doesn't matter. I wanted to run 64-bit because I want to get over the 4GB RAM limitation. I have Win7 64-bit Home on my laptop. RealTick 9.3 and 10.0 have some problems running on this edition of OS. Some display related problem (won't refresh, and some processes won't exit). But RealTick 9.3/10.0 run fine on my Win7 64-bit Ultimate operating system. I suspect that Microsoft has stripped off something that is needed for applications when they sell Win7 Home. Only my theory. I have no proof.

    RE: 4GB RAM - do I need 8GB?

    In general the more RAM the better. IMO RAM is cheap these days. But from your description it seems 4GB is quite adequate. Originally I had 12GB RAM on my system and I trimmed it down to 6GB and I am happy.

    If you are thinking of using the 32-bit operating system, no need to go above 4GB. Windows 32-bit has memory limits of 4GB.
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    Thanks, I was thinking a prebuilt around 550 but am considering building my own since it will be only another 100 extra but with quality components. Will take another look at prebuilt systems.

    If my old comp from 2002 had a pci-e slot I would do just that, swap the video card. Unfortunately I now have to get a new system.
  6. Buy a Dell
  7. for your pupose, buying is probably better than building your own pc.....especially for 2 monitor setup.......considering your style of trading and your needs, building a PC is to satisfy your 'I built my own trading station' ego.....