Building new system - MB & Processor?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hcour, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. hcour

    hcour Guest

    I'm thinking an ASUS mb. I've always heard those are excellent. Whaddya'll think?

    For a processor, should I go Athlon 64 3400 or Athlon XP 3400? I'll be running Win XP Pro on this system.

    Thanks for any comments.

  2. hcour

    hcour Guest

    Hmmm. No response. Well, any thoughts on this: I was gonna get the ASUS mb w/the 754 socket. Now I'm thinking I'll get the 939 socket, because it can take the Athlon 64 fx and 64 x2 processors.

    Is it worth it? Will these processors be around for a few years?

  3. Definately get the 939 socket board. The 754 will soon be the low end for AMD and socket A will be no more. There should be a performance advantage with 939 for any Athlon 64 because of the better memory bandwidth. Also I doubt if dual core chips will ever appear on 754 so there is not much upgrade path.
  4. balda


    build my system with Asus mb (P4P800 Delux) JuLY 2003 Never had any problems.
  5. huangks


    I have one dead mb from ASUS. I email the RMA Dept. asking for replacement and got no reply. Two of my email to the Asus RMA dept. was ignored. That was my first Asus and my last MB from ASUS.

    The best respond for RMA was from ABIT and MSI.

    Funny thing is one of the cheapest mb that I bought is also the one that refuse to die. It's been working hard for years. Made by Soyo, :). It is one of those old fashion MB that require you to play with jumper to change the FSB.

    My personal experience, YMMV!
  6. Schaefer


    Hey Harold,

    I'm building one myself next month. I'm opting for either Abit (expensive) or Asus MB with 939 socket and an Athlon64 X2. I'm also a hardcore flight simmer so I'm going for the SLI setup.

    PM me if you need any help.

    Happy trading :)
  7. hcour

    hcour Guest

    Thanks for the responses.

    Schaefer (or anyone) - I can get either the

    Asus A8V(D)/A64/939/K8T800PRO/NO WIFIG/A&GL/ATX

    or the

    Asus A8N-SLI S939/nForce4 SLI/DDR400/PCI-Express/RAID/1GBE/ATX

    for pretty much the same price. I don't do much gaming so I don't necessarily need the SLI. However, it'd be nice to have if I ever did need it.

    So is there any advantage to getting the non-SLI board over the SLI? Does the non-SLI board have any goodies the SLI does not have?

  8. Schaefer


    Hey Harold,

    I'd go with the nForce 4 SLI Deluxe. It supports the dual channel memory setup and has two lan ports. I was thinking of plugging in both the ADSL and cable into each ports and have the ability to switch on the fly. I usually buy all my parts from Here's a link to the M/B.
  9. hcour

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    Ok thanks. I just have your basic system w/a couple of monitors, DSL, couple of hd's, so I don't really care about the LAN or the RAID stuff.

  10. Arnie


    Built 2 in last year, one with P4 and one with AMD, both ASUS boards. Both work great. Got everything at
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