Building an automated, efficient, highly concurrent and resilient trading operation

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  2. Well, fuck me if this guy in the video earns more than 200 pounds an hour for this basic stuff. I have coded all that myself for my own trading architecture. Well, most of it, including DMA algorithms. The presentation is on an incredibly basic level. I am shocked banks hire such kind of people to receive advice.

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    Depends on who his audience is in the presentation. You are a unique case...very few people have built a highly sophisticated automated trading system from scratch like you have.
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  4. It's a conference presentation, and obviously aimed at the audience that are there. I have given some incredibly basic presentations, when I've been asked to do it. Doesn't mean I can't do the more complicated stuff.

    From his linkedin profile he's clearly a pretty experienced guy

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  5. Neither his educational background is impressive nor his past work experience. And anyone who writes the following bla as part of his current job description seems to have issues

    "Not permitted to say any more about how this is done but it requires pushing technology to the utmost and working across Servers, Linux, network stack including both kernel bypass and RDMA, network switches, CPU's, storage, network capture and other exotic hardware platforms."

    He even has multiple typos in this short paragraph alone.

  6. I don't know who else does it or does not, aside most hft firms who do. It just rubbed me the wrong way with how little depth and details some people get along in this industry. Have seen many project managers and consultants like him along the road in my former companies, they always contributed the least among everyone yet always somehow survived the longest.

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    Very good summary on building distributed systems.

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    Reactive Design Patterns book
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