Building a track record

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hidethereal, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. I'm interested in starting a legitimate trading track record in order to one day, far in the future, open a fund of some sort. I read the following post in another thread:

    Just a suggestion but if you want to set up a track record to market some fund a few years down the line, just set up an LP with yourself as the GP, set up a brokerage account for the LP, and put your money into it. If the money comes only from you, there are no regulatory issues. Then some day down the line, talk to Seward or someone to put together the paper work and set up the advisor and get a CPA to audit the returns of that entity. Best of luck.

    I would use only my money as the capital for the track record. Would this be the best option to track my performance?