Building a Australasia trading system

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  1. Wulfgar


    I am a Hawaii based trader and that leaves me in somewhat of a dilemma since I moved here because trading the US session like I used to when I lived on the East Coast is no longer feasible due to the 6 Hour time difference.

    I have decided to trade the Australasia markets during my waking hours.

    I am an experienced spot forex and futures trader. My primary experience, like most I would presume, was the ES and the Euro/USD.

    I have been familiarizing myself with the Asian markets and hopefully wanted some direction from traders more experienced with these markets as far as choosing:

    1: a Highly liquid currency pair to trade( I am leaning toward the Aussie/USD and/or the Aussie/yen)
    2: a Highly liquid and active futures derivative. I remember when the KOSPI200 futures were huge. Is that still even available? Im having a hard time even finding access to clearing firms who host the KRX. Is the NKD really the only game in town? how about the ASX futures?
    3. A good U.s. client friendly P.D.T DMA broker with decent margin requirements and spreads who has accessibility to the Australasian Markets.
    4. A good Australasian based Data-Feed

    Thank you guys for your help as I will certainly do my due diligence once I have some direction.

    I look forward to contributing further to this forum

  2. Wulfgar


    I think I may of posted this in the wrong section. Ive been perusing about and the forums on "tools of the trade" seems to be more or less where I want to be.

    However, if anyone does have experience with a setup like I am looking for feel free to answer here and ill still check back in.