Build Your Own - Step by Step ( i7 2600k)

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  1. I had started some posts here for a new build...

    and I will re- post them in this thread for easy referencing as suggested by Bolimomo.

    This build started as I had experienced trouble with a current machine, and felt it is best to assemble a new machine while trouble is resolved with older unit found here ...

    from previous post:

    I just picked up these parts this evening.
    I needed to get a new build as the current one has had some issues and until resolved I went for a new setup.
    (blanked out salesman and store info in pic )
    Purchase prices cheaper than sticker prices on boxes.

    Intel i7 2600k

    Asus P8p67 Pro

    3 Asus ENGT 430 1 gb ddr3 vid cards ( running 6 monitors )

    8 gb Corsiar vengeance ddr3 ( 2x4 )

    OCZ 800w P/S

    OCZ Agility 120gb SSD Sata lll 6 gbps

    Installing W7 pro 64 OS

    I will throw it together and post some feedback on the building and running it.

  2. Question I had asked about quiet cases
  3. Information gathered at local store

    also I like the P193

  4. This was a good question / feedback from Bolimomo

    and a reply to that post

  5. P193 did not attach so I will post here

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  6. The P183 which is the case I like and all the positive feedback it gets on quiet case operating

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  7. Here is a receipt to give an idea of the prices for parts purchased so far.
    MicroCenter purchases

    The Asus GT 430's are all on separate receipts due to the 1 per customer rebates. Those video cards have a $20.00 mail in rebate each so I will get back $60. from the 3 cards.

    The OCZ Agility 120gb ssd comes with a $30.00 mail in rebate so that total comes to $219.00 after

    The I7 was prices down $90. from original price of $369.

    The Asus P8p67 pro mb comes with an instant $40.00 in store rebate with the purchase of the i7.

    So far $90.00 in mail in rebates coming back.

    OCZ ps will be used in an older computer and if I decide on the P183 case a new purchase will be made for the
    Antec CP850 ps. at a cost of $129. newegg

    Adding an Antec P183 case will be an additional $150. ish

  8. Made the purchase for the Antec P183 case.
    The design is nice and it is just what I am looking for in this build.
    Plenty of room inside this case for airflow. Price $154.00

    I have also picked up a Kingwin kf-1000-bk 3.5 internal hot swap rack.
    It was priced down to $17.00
    Installed this exact unit in the Antec 900 and it has worked excellent for a few years now

    Picked up a basic dvd player at about $19.00, Except for using to install the OS and to burn some ISO files when needed I really never use this.

    Still looking for a CPU cooler

    I do like the Antec
    KUHLER Box Universal CPU Cooler

    Good reviews and this case can handle it. Will check on the P8p67 pro to make sure it is a good fit.
    Still open to suggestions of any kind.

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