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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by handball, Jan 30, 2009.

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    hi, i am looking to replace some 1980's software that gave u the ability to build your own composite indicators...this was done by selecting stocks from your data base; tech analysis could be done on the built composite index. The software i am looking for should have this ability along with the normal downloading of end of day info on all stocks, indexes, indexex, funds, bonds, commodities, etc. all exchanges.
    recommendations please.
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    Could you please specify what do you mean by composites? I suppose you wan to create your own index like DJ30, S&P, etc.

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    Thanks for your replies....the 'wealth builder' product looks like it has what i am looking for...i would like alternatives as this product has 'strings attached'.

    On the composites...yes, i want to build my own composites (like the sp500...u select the specific stocks that are part of your own data base that are to be added to the composite index you are building); the data to be available on each stock that is part of the index includes the open,close, high, low, volume of each member stock that is part of the composite; the composite can then be used to perform tech analysis on the combined data of each stock in the index.
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    there is no strings attached..try P2P and you probably find it for free
  6. Amibroker does this out of the box. You can just use the EOD version. It will allow you to create a composite symbol from just about anything. Say, for instance, that you want to create a % of stocks from the S&P500 trading above their 50dma. Very easy to do.

    If all you need is simple index building, check out Indices Builder