Build The SP500 sysTem from scRaTch:

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  1. Axioms:

    1-I think therefore I am.
    2-Two follows the One, 95% before the 3.
    3-Sun-Earth-Moon is a 3-body gravitational system.
    4-Find or make a good life, and embrace those you love as we all die in the end.
  2. To be is to be perceived buddy.. :). Berkeley
  3. spd


    Be excellent to each other
  4. Handle123


    Pick a different market, it is by far the hardest market in the world to trade, so why stack the pile high before you even start? After you learn how to trade, then come back to it as it is one of the only markets in futures that does volume.
  5. There appears to be very little interest (or ability) regarding this topic.