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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Arnie, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Oh pullllease..... you need to get over your bias and use your head.

    Get a Dell T3400 off of their outlet site. The only real restriction is that you can't overclock. If that's a deal breaker, the don't buy Dell.

    Of course, they come with crap installed. Just do a fresh install of the OS as soon as you get it... problem solved.

    Dell recently had a "coupon sale" on Precision models. I picked up a quad core, 2G RAM, 2 optic drives, 250G HD, Win XP, FX570 video card... for $569.

    The Precision T3400 has an x38 mobo and the support is top notch.
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  2. Arnie


    Don't these have limited expansion slots? Could I run 4 montiors?
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  3. I have a Dell that won't die despite hard use for 10 yrs. :)
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  4. Of course. I've set up 6-monitor rigs on these.. I think the XP limit is 8 monitors (?)
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  5. The HUGE majority of currently offered computers have limited expansion slots.. the T3400 is one of the more generous.
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  6. EvilC0P


    I see this question coming back often in this forum.
    How many monitors can Win XP supports?

    Answer is 10.
    some report it is possible over 10 with third party software to configure them... but i have no idea about that.
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  7. NT has a limit of 16. Wonder why XP is so restrictive?
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  8. FGBL07


    What is the noise level of these T3400s? I don't need a completely silent PC but since I'm trading from home I would like it pretty silent. In an office it's a different matter.

    The T3400s are offered with a fanless NVS290 too, can you hear the fan of the FX570?

    Many Thanks
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  9. i have seen plenty of dell desktops (my own and around the office) die.

    why do i still buy dells?
    1. i am cheap
    2. i expect to through the old dell away and buy a new one every 2 years.

    those that did not last 2 years all had hdd problem.
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  10. The noise level of T3400 is acceptably low.. I'm using NVS 290, so I don't know about the noise level of FX570... though Nvidia claims to have made an effort to make the FX line quiet.
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