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    My wish : Build My own Web Charts for personal Use, to see them at any PC from any location. I am a pretty good vb 6.0 developer with a SQL server.

    I wish to set the charts up with my own customer indicators ( only threeof them) and build chart galleries by sectors and stocks with those sectors, so I can see them anywhere.

    Q: What development software should I use ??
    Vb.NET . I under stand that this will be only good for those PC that have .net installed (ie XP). Or Should I use Java/Javascript ??? Remember I am a Vb6.0 developer, dont want to learn C++ or C# ?

    I have seen sites like :

    What do you advise, is there any good code samples of building stock charts around ??
  2. You can try QuantStudio charting / TA components We were successfully running a demo ASP.NET web site doing what you've mentioned and a lot more (running trading / charting scripts on a server and getting results back to a web browser).

    The source code is also available, so it should be easy to develop / support your applications.

  3. I did this since around 1997. Although I might call myself a skillful C/C++ 'adept', I initially started out with VB, mainly because of the SQLserver backend I used.
    Having fallen victim to M$'s periodical marketing ploys, I swore never to be taken in anymore. In fact, after M$ dumped VB, they now prudently suggest dumping MFC. Wait a couple of years, they'll quietely dump C# and .NET! :D :D :D
    I looked at many things: C++, Delphi, Kylix and finally ended up with Trolltech's QT (also backbone for KDE). I First did some work with Qt3 and C++. After that I tried out Python with PyQt bindings to Qt. I switched all my db things to MySQL.
    Oh boy! Once you've seen this, you'll never want to hear of C#, .NET or Java. You'll be 100% portable between linux/unix, mac and windoz! (For highest speed and least trouble, go linux)

    A problem has been Trolltech's licensing for windoz. By the end of June, they will release Qt4, this time with a free version for linux, Mac and windoz. PyQt has promised to do free bindings for Python. In the meantime, you can get a complete Qt3/PyQt GPL free windoz package PyQtGPL10.exe at:

    Don't listen to the howling of the know-nothing M$ cattle. Make up your own mind about this. You may (will :) ) find it's the only way to go.
    Lots of work before you get there though! Not for them lazy (losing) types. IMHO, not truly 'good' exaples around, only kiddstuff. After all, who would let a good thing float for free, heh Anton?

    Be good,

    PS: some bad tongues say that M$ is planning on hijacking Python and will be dumping all the rest of its crap.
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    Well, I'd recommend seeing if there are any libraries out there that would let you do this. Why re-invent the wheel? Does anyone know of anything like these?

    Also, if it's just for your own use, why not just use your standard charting software... keep it running on your system when you are gone, and use to access it. Simple and won't cost you anymore.

  5. Yo Digs...

    1. Install IIS 6.0 on your own web server using SQL Server or use the free edition of SQL Server - MSDE2000... (to admin MSDE you can use SQL Server Client tools or a neat little product from ValeSoftware that provides an Enterprise Manger lookalike connection for only $80 bucks)... If no have own web server and need to do this from external webHost service then setUp access as your db to avoid paying for SQL Service or subscribe to a SQL service from the WebHost usually about $20 a month)

    If you use own web server...
    2. Install latest .net framework and any documented necessary service packs, etc.
    (No one else needs to have .net framework installed on their computer for you to see your web pages ok)

    3. Get a intro book on ASP.Net that uses as its language... not really THAT much harder than VB6...

    4. Check out a .Net charting component to chart your data... such as ChartFX or dotnetcharting, graphicserver, etc... they have sample code on how to connect to recordset data and display it in their charts... (some of these components are pretty sophisticated and costly)

    hths... :)



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  7. Going on my honest experience as a former great believer of many years, you'll always get screwed someplace.
    PS: could always do an ET search on the gimmick.
  8. My programming team is not using VS Studio 5 yet since it is in beta... we do have VS Std 3 and it has

    Could you point me to the page / link that says is not part of VS Studio 5 and also why would you want to use VS 5 while its still in BETA (bugsville!)...

    you can either try a trial copy of VS Std 3.0 for a number of days, try online for a set period of time repeatedly or use a free ONLY editor call Web Matrix - we have used it and found it good... link to it below..

    hths... :)



    If You Have The Vision We Have The Code
  9. Hi NoNonSense...

    we develop 24/7 using MS technologies but i have to say i was VERY happy to see MS indicted and CONVICTED of business crimes... MS is behaving a wee bit better these days but don't know how long that will last.... anyway i do sympathize with what you are saying...




    If You Have The Vision We Have The Code
  10. Hi EdgeHunter,

    Makes sense. If a client absolutely wants M$ and pays good enough money, I'll still do something in M$ for him. :eek:

    When working for myself, I know better. :)

    Be good,
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