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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by FCCT, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. FCCT



    If someone has time and is computer savvy, can you build me a nice system from

    Gnome seems to like the T3400 series, that must be good.

    Dell has some good sales on their XPS models.

    Will probably be using two 22inch screens, but would like the option to upgrade to four.

    Under $2k please.

    Thanks for any replies in advance!
  2. Tums


    Dell suxks.

    That's a personal opinion. Don't let me steer you one way or another.
  3. FCCT


    Where would you recommend to buy?
  4. ericadam


    Custom built from the ground up, or if you don't want to do that, an HP workstation, or top notch alienware..
  5. Can you buy from Dell's Outlet?

    BTW... some of HP's worstations have similar x38 mobo as Dell T3400, but HPs are more expensive.
  6. EvilC0P


    Brand wise, i personnaly prefer HP over Dell anytime as well.

    Of course the best option is custom build/build it yourself in a way. you decide every pieces in it but requires time and knowledge.

    One site i like, where i buy most of my parts and where you can have them build your machine, is [ they sell in the US and Canada ].

    But you can pick one of their pre-build system then change anything to any pieces they have in stock. and they have an amazing inventory.

    Also, what do you want to do with that computer you need?
    some guidelines could help to know what kind of power you need depending on your needs.
  7. I have built several systems and you cannot beat dell in terms of price and reliability. We have two systems at home one that I built (a shuttleX) and one is my wife's - a dell. I would stay with dell as they test all components, while stuff you buy at Fry's might or might not work.....
  8. For professional use, think professionally and go for a support system where you get instant replacement.
    Also take precautions in storage structure, so that you will not be losing any personal data. Think NAS networked storage with plenty redundancy.

    If you want a top-notch system, then go for something with 16GB or more memory capacity and Quad or more processor - as well as a system disk with SCSI 15k RPM or SSD - and RAID those, so you will not be losing any time on latencies or sluggish systems during tough data loads.

    Also, use VMWare virtual machine for all your browsing and Internet shit - so that you can have a mirror backup of your system in a few seconds, or even deploy a heartbeat system with monitoring for redundancy. That way, no virus or any attack will be able to put you out of business for long.

    Also have Internet access redundancy - think wireless network and 3G mobile access - to offset common points of failure.
  9. FCCT