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  1. Basically I have looked at the Dell Precision / Lenovo Thinkstation / HP XW series etc etc etc ---- I have been doing a little searching on this thread and found out that other then the fact of warranty they are nothing compared to a custom built comp....

    That being said the research I have done shows that the computer must run off Windows XP 32bit..... Not 64bit ( From what I read it is because it is a whole different OS ) Don't know don't really care that is just what the majority of you recommend and that is what I will be going with for my OS is a Windows XP 32bit! :)

    Ok so here are some of my requirments -

    Best of the best everything with NO OVERKILL --- For example the quad core and duo core is a fairly debated topic on which is better and if all 4 cores can be using...... From what I read it just depends on your platform but people recommend going with the quad because it is pretty much on the same price level ( Correct me if I am wrong )

    That being said I believe I should go with a Xenon Quad Core - I would like to support 4 screens.... Those screens would be 4 24 inch HP w2408h ---- And that is pretty much it :) hehe ---- Mind you I would still like high quality parts but nothing overkill - For example a really high end video card because from what I understand it makes no difference unless your playing computer games lol -----

    PM me if you can and I will send you my phone number so we can talk - I have a couple small privately owned custom computer builders in the area but to be honest they seem like a bunch of strokes --- :)

    Best wishes,

  2. if you want a custom pc. i reccomend building one youself.

    you will learn a new thing.... which is always fun and you will learn how to fix it if it breaks.

    it's ez.
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  4. T3400 Precision from Dell is a nice middle of the road system and you can use the 2 PCI express plus the 3rd PCI for 6 monitors.

    Load up the memory to 4Gigs and than get 3 Nvidia duel cards with 256 to 512 memory and you can run those 24 plus to 20/22 on the side.

    You can get the box for 500 to 600 bones than add the memory and video and you out the door for under grand.
  5. One thing you certainly find out building your own computer is that the highest cost component is Windows. If you can take that out of the equation, you can pick all of the other quality parts for ridiculously cheap prices. For instance, 4GB's of quality memory can be had for $50-$60 these days.

    If you have a decent case that can be re-used, you can save a bunch as well. So a new mobo ($100 for a good one), CPU ($150), 4GB memory ($50), dual Nvidia DVI cards ($100).

    But if you are running 3 videocards as one guy above says, be careful with a power supply unit. I don't know what Dell throws in there, but if it is underpowered and you leave the thing on 24/7, it could be a bad situation down the road.
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    You're saying 3 Nvidia dual cards with 512 can run four 24" monitors + two 22" monitors?

    Hm. Think it's time for an upgrade myself.
  7. WOW!! Ok sorry for the dumb post guys this is much easier then I thought - I became a member on tomshardware last night and learned A LOT!

    The above being said this is how my new build is going to look like :)

    Intel i7 3.2ghz Extreme ( $1,000 )

    X58 Mobo ( ? )

    Then for all of the rest I am going to have to do a little more research but I am starting to put 2 and 2 together

    Here is the link to my thread on tomshardware entitled " BUILD ME A COMPUTER FOR TRADING ( FUTURES/EQUITIES ) -

    That should be helpful for newbies like me also :) - Thank you all for your quick reply's/pm's!!!

    Best wishes to all and good trading,

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    If you want "the best" what this guy just posted is very close to it at the moment.

    And as for the OS if the software you are planing to use is ready to opperate on a muiticore or 64bit system don't bother even looking at XP. Vista 64 business edition is good and stable for me. It will also allow you to use more memory and take better advantage of multi core systems.
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    Here's a view of the Windows VISTA 64bit Task Manager.

    Many programs claim to run in 64bit OS, but they are still 32bit programs.
    These programs do not reap any 64bit benefits in a 64bit operating system.

    You can identify those programs by the *32 beside their names.

    <img src=>
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    Best advice is to find a local computer shop which has been in business at least 10 years. Have them build you your computer. Then if something ever breaks, you can take it back to them and have them fix it rather than wait 2 weeks for Dell to do something. You might be better off building your own computer's a lot easier to do that now than it was 10 years ago, can be done in an afternoon although your setup would take recommended to have it built locally, then learn enough to upgrade / repair it yourself if needed.
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