Build a trading system whit Cicles & Channel

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    Hello, I have developed a TS that works with cycles and channels, using vba & excel, in attached here under report of one a simulation in intraday.

    hour my also simple problem if is to transmit to the orders to one the following platform in way (if possible)

    Hello excuse the delay, I explain you what quickly serves
    I have a trading system constructed on excel & vba.

    I have need that the platform executes the orders with these conditions:

    cell a1 = 0 (flat)
    cell a1 = 1 (buy)
    cell a1 = -1 (sell)

    for being just fine

    cell a2= number contract for long trade
    cell a3= number contract for short trade

    All the rest I in the calculation sheets manage it.

    Or I can send via vba the 3 commandos to the platform.

    You can help me or this platform is not adapted to the application.

    here under one simulation in real time
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    Simulation intraday on fdax yerst yesterday :
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    Intraday today :
  5. Welcome to the world of curve-fitting.