Buick may owe its survival to China ‘We’ve been given a second chance,’

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    Triple LOL, Americans and Canadians love Asian and German cars. Just take a look at any street.

    Turns out Asians like Buick LOL

    "It was an unlikely but fortuitous choice. Last year, the brand was among the biggest in the booming Chinese market, accounting for sales of more than 447,000, or more than four times Buick’s volume in the U.S."

  2. Only Chinese love Buick, Japanese and Korean don't.
  3. jem


    tiger woods?
  4. I test drove the new LaCrosse last weekend. Nice car. A huge improvement from the past... But I wouldn't I'd buy one.

  5. reality is perception, we have been fed a bunch of bullshit over the years that japanese cars are superior so everything we perceive about our cars becomes that way. I know in SE asia, they rather drive a european car than a toyota, nissan etc.
  6. I've Driven Buicks for the past 30 yrs.

    They ride better and are more fuel effeicent than their Asian competition.

    For what ever reason they don't hold their value as well. :mad:
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    both Japan and Korea have unfair trade barrier to keep foreign cars out of their market.
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    Buick has recently impressed me with their styling. For the past 30 years or so, their cars have looked very outdated and boring. They now have some good looking vehicles, IMO.
  9. If you ask your father or grandfather, he can tell you japanese brands in the 60's 70's, Sony, Aiwa were considered garbage, complete shit goods. Now, they can make a car that sends you speeding culminating in a train wreck and people will still think it is the most wonderful thing ever. Such is the power of marketing and psychology.
  10. Partly,

    I would think more so because Buicks were favored by the leaders of China including Henry P'u Yi the last emperor of China before capitalism slowly crept in. It seems more of a status symbol that one has arrived.

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