Buh-bye girlfriend. Hello, more $$$$!

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  1. So I ended the semi-long relationship with this girl.

    And today, I'm having one of the better days this year trading.

    Last two weeks have sucked a little because I kept arguing with her over every little thing, and I was obviously distracted.

    But now that I ended everything, I'm calm and peaceful.

    She was fully supportive with my trading, but at the end, her manipulative tendencies got to me.

    She was so good at picking the right time to ask for things. Some women can sniff a vulnerable behaviors from a mile away, and they immediately get to work! :D After a while, I could guess every one of her moves, so I kept pissing her off, and she did her best to do the same.

    Relationship, if not in a right one, can really affect the way you trade sometimes.
  2. Absolutely true. Congrats and good luck.
  3. Yeah, I've noticed the same thing in my relationships.

    But it is nice to have a supportive partner, and you can't really talk about your trading with other men ... because they will immediately start thinking about how you can make them money.

    Just something to keep in mind.
  4. For the most part, unless it's someone you've known for a while, you really need to play the trading down.

  5. Yup, she was very supportive of my trading and for a good reason.

    She needed me to keep buying her things and take her to places. :D

    With additional trading income and reduced expenses, I should be able to save a lot more money now.
  6. Well, if it was one of those sick relationships then good for you and hope that you can find the one.
  7. Are you sure YOU ended the relationship.

    99% of the time she ends it. Why? Because men don't throw away easy P$$$Y.

    But I've digressed.
  8. this is an interesting topic as well.

    i was planning to do some research on this. maybe there are statistics to be found somewhere.

    does anyone know if the above is true or not? it seems to me as well that most of the times it´s the female who breaks up and the man being the one remaining disgruntled.

    i not too long ago ended something like this, but in fact it was her..

    ps. and i reference to the OP, i didn´t feel more calm at all afterwards.. actually having p&ssy at your disposal is a calming feeling to me.
  9. I had a similiar thing with my ex- girlfriend. At first everything was okay good sex, good times etc. I always had money so she of course was always happy. then it became "I called in sick today, how about we go downtown (Chicago) and do something?"

    I'd be like..I'm trading so maybe later well do something. then it became "you're always so busy blah blah blah.

    Then she wanted to move in. I said no way and by the way, don't bother me anymore.

    So many bitches in the world why do they all think they're gonna change you???

    Got a new bitch now. She's English and been here bout 4 years.
    Man what a diff the European broads are! Maybe I got lucky, but this one never bothers me, fucks at the drop of a hat, and is always so apprecaitive of everything. I've known her more than a year which is twice as long as the last bitch and so far she's a keeper....we'll see.

    Point is, don't settle for shit naggy bitches. Stand your ground and do your thing. the right broad is out there.
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