Bug in TWS: MarketValue calculated wrong

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by traderum, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. I think the cumulated MarketValue (ie. the total MktVal) on the Portfolio page of TWS is wrong
    as can be seen on the following screenshot, isn't it?

    Version: Unix, Build 900.6, Dec 11, 2009 1:49:33 PM
  2. Benign


    Demo TWS was buggy the first time I tired some years ago. I don't know if it still holds nowadays.

    You'd better test with the papertrading account but it's only available if you have opened an account with them.

    It doesn't hurt to open an account to try. Close it if you don't like it or keep it as a backup broker. You always need a second broker just in case, especially when your trading volume becomes big.
  3. Bob111


    10K to open and if you are not US citizen open an account is a pain in a**
    keep it and it going to cost you $10 each month
    forget about demo..real accounts are messed up. as i said before-PnL in TWS and closed positions from yesterday are added to current day PnL on some of my accounts.
  4. Benign


    Well you never really know if IB suits you until you open an account. Many things can't be tested or experienced in a demo system, not to say it's buggy. Just open an account so you can evaluate it fully. Close it if you dislike it. Keep it if you think it may be okay as a backup broker.

    I admit US$10/month can be a pain. I don't know what other traders do. I daytrade but I sometimes take long vacation. I will still be charged US$10/month if I generated US$1000 this month and no commission next month. It doesn't make sense.

    I know IB is for frequent trader but it would be better if inactivity fee is charged only if your average commission falls below US$10/month.

    Few years ago someone reported this bug already:

    Is this bug still haven't been fixed? Horrible. It's only a minor bug. Or is it another bug?
  5. You all talk of opening an account, but my posting was about a bug in the newest and latest version of the TWS platform software.
    The software is the same software, whether you have a demo acct, a papertrading acct, or a real acct. Isn't it?
  6. I think I saw a setting for this, but can't remember the details.
    Try right-click on the header... or maybe it was in the Config settings...
    Sorry, can't help. But yes, it's fact that the TWS platform still has some bugs.

    Here's another possible bug, although a minor one:
    How can I change the font size of the Trades pane on the Portfolio page?
    I'm sure I was able to change that font in the past, but in the latest version it somehow doesn't work, or maybe I don't find the right setting for it...
  7. Benign


    Did you read my previous post?

    The demo TWS was and should be buggy. At least the time I tried it it was really buggy. The bugs found in demo didn't exist in the true TWS (papertrading account).

    To repeat the demo TWS was and should be buggy. A demo TWS is to give you a feel of the software. It's not to do serious testing. You'd better test a papertrading account which is really the same as the true/real TWS.
  8. Bob111


    appreciate that,but i never change any settings and problem occurs randomly on different accounts. today-it's one PC and some random account,tomorrow same account on same PC is fine,but it may appear on another account and same PC or different PC. go figure
  9. Hi Guys, I have logged in and out tonight and my average price will not correct.

    I have stocks that are now showing thousands of dollars of profits when the market is closed and I have some of my futures now showing the wrong average price.

    I have several positon trades in oil in different months now showing money when I know the average price is over a dollar away as I am hedged.

    I just about exited my trade and of course it would be my fault for not remembering my average price.

    This also happened yesterday.

    Is no one else having these problems. I have called IB and they concur the issue exists and is in correct.
  10. NoDoji


    I logged in this morning to find my avg price on a position .71 cents higher than actual. It's nice to see that "profit", but obviously it's not real.
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