Bug in IB TWS PnL computation or do I miss something?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hf-trader38, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. I am using IB TWS with my paper trading account. I have bought a (long) straddle on BNP (SBF). If I open the account window I can see the right PnLs. However, TWS main window does show different (wrong) PnLs. How come?

    In the portfolio window, actual market values for the call and put seem to be computed from the bid price, which is OK for me. But the TWS main window seems to compute the market value for the CALL option from the ask price which is wrong for me.

    Even when I closed the winning position, the two window do not agree. There is a huge difference (see the attached screenshot) !! I don't understand.
    I paid for Euronext data bundle (stocks level 2 and options level 1) so I would have expected the data to be OK in any place.......

    Any help?
  2. could this be from lag in one of the numbers?
  3. Problem solved by myself: by default, the main TWS window shows the DAILY PnL, which is different from the (Un)RealizedPnL.... but this can be changed from the settings....