Bug: Blocking/Ignoring not possible if the other blocks you

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by thecoder, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. thecoder


    If you want to block/ignore someone else, but if that other user has blocked you already, then the system wrongly brings this error popup:

    "The following error occurred:
    User xxxxxxx is already ignored or blocked."

    But this is IMO not correct.
    It rather should allow to block the other user regardless whether he already is blocking you.
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  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Since blocking a user removes their content completely from you, why would you try to block someone who has already blocked you?
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  3. thecoder


    Because of abuse of this functionality (ie. of the said bug) by the other side.
    This is not easy to explain, but it's very real, and gives the other side an advantage and this side a disadvantage.
    The other side is making much use of this unfair practice, but oneself can do nothing. This is very unfair.

    Example: he can post crap in my thread, but I can even not report this to the admin, because I can't see his posting when I'm logged in. And for reporting you have to be logged in... Do you understand the problem?
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  4. thecoder


    Eventhough he has blocked me, he still can post as follows: he temporarily removes the blocking, posts his crap, and reinstalls the blocking! Voila!
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  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Not really, no.

    Again, if I block someone, the intent is to get rid of them forever. There is no "my side and their side" anymore. It's just my side. If they report something on me, who cares? If Magna or Baron send me a warning because of something I posted, they did so because I violated some term. This action, whether or not I agree with it, is completely unrelated to my relationship with the person I blocked.

    So I don't understand your point, perhaps? Or I just don't see the seriousness of it.
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Ah, I see. This is in relation to Destriero. I believe Baron already took action on this, has he not?

    Even if you were able to block him (or anyone else) this doesn't stop them from posting in your thread. They can log out, see your posts, and then log in and access your thread from the forum list menu (which shows all threads) and then type a reply or anything else.

    When I block someone, I remove them from my sight and - if I happen to see that they've posted something or some "IGNORED MEMBER" posts in my thread, I simply don't give a shit. That's the point of ignore, isn't it? I'm not going to care what they say no matter what. I'm certainly not going to click on their post to see what they said or log out to see it. If I want to play that game, then I shouldn't click ignore in the first place.
  7. thecoder


    Just read again more carefully what I wrote.
    That abuser is spamming the threads and blocks the thread owners, so that the thread owner even cannot report the spam b/c the system doesn't show the spam posting when he is logged in.

    Yes, he still can post. But my problem is about not being able to report the spam in the first place. The system has a bug in that respect.
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  8. wrbtrader


    In my opinion, many problematic users has figure out a way to navigate around the ignore / block issue...some even brag about it and openly stating they're trolling someone.

    I've seen a handful of members brag about such and admitting they're trolling someone...

    None of them are banned even though creating multiple aliases is a violation of the terms of use policy. It's as if they think Baron can not do anything about it or doesn't do anything about it because its just immature cat fighting.

    Yet, I think its a problem when its being done outside the Chit Chat section, Politics section or outside the Feedback section as in occurring for use in the trading related sections.
    • Maybe the OPs aren't complaining to Baron about it and that sends a message to Baron that its not a big deal ?
    In fact, I use to tell some OP's being seriously (maliciously) trolled that they should complain to Baron to remove a person from their thread when they thought they're being harassed...

    Surprisingly, most are not interested in telling Baron that there's a troll harassing them in their own thread. I would then tell them to ignore / block the troll...the OP usually responds that it does not work because the troll knows how to navigate around the ignore / block feature.

    Yet, I do know Baron has the ability to ban members from a specific thread but I'm confused about why that's done in some situations and not in other situations when there's a clear violation of terms of use policy (e.g. someone making a threat to harm someone, someone announcing they're trolling someone via multiple aliases).

    Regardless, most OP doesn't know they're being spammed / trolled by someone on their ignore / block list until a friend of the OP has notified the OP that such is occurring or your thread looks a little strange because it has replies from people not on your ignore / block list having a conversation to another member that's on your ignore / block list.

    The above is another issue...the OP see their thread with replies that don't make any sense by those not on their ignore / block list...resulting sometimes in the OP thinking a reply is to the OP when in reality its a reply to someone on the OP ignore / block list.

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  9. thecoder


    @wrbtrader, it's about removing spam from the thread/journal, not about the fate of the spammer.
  10. wrbtrader


    Actually, I was replying to your recent post about "spam" and not to the thread topic.

    Yet, the issue of your thread was started via the following...

    That's true...I've seen that issue myself but only twice.

    Both by two personal friends here at ET. We were testing the problems with the ignore / block feature and discover that "error message" that you've mention.

    Here's the thing that's been bugging me along with other issues about the ignore / block feature...

    That error message...doesn't happen every time. Thus, sometimes I can block someone that had me blocked and other times I can not block someone that has me blocked.

    It's either a glitch or Baron has been making changes and such just happen to occur during the times my friends and I were testing that feature...all of which has occurred the past two months.

    We should be able to block someone that has blocked us just in case that person took us off block for the sole purpose to troll us when they log in.

    Block feature should be permanent...can't be undone and it will minimize the abuse in my opinion.

    Something else, there are two groups of complaints about the ignore / block by those here in the Feedback section...
    • People complaining because they've been outed out about the abuse and don't like it.
    • People complaining because they want it to be improved.
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