Buffett's Current Holdings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Gary_McLaughlin, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. do you have a link to SAC CAP or Kingdon CAP?
  2. yeah but that was one very, umm, curious deal. the equity in kmart was tweaked somehow, stripped of the liabilities and reissued or something. I didn't follow it too closely but it wasn't the old Kmart (at 11 cents) that wound up going to 20 bucks or whatever.
  3. Agree totally, there is something very fishy about the KMRT/SHLD deals but his holdings are sure worth keeping an eye on. I bought AZO in summer '04 and again Spring '05. He only holds a handful of stocks so it's not hard to watch what he's doing. Of course, you gotta do your own DD. You can't follow these guys blindly. Good luck.
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    Considering that most of SACs profits dont come from long term positions I dont think we can get any meaningful insights from their positions.