Buffett urges caution on Chinese stocks

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    did he say something like this during the 1999 dot com bull market.....
  2. Nothing to worry about as long as the Fed continues to drop money from the Sky, and China continues to invest their sovereign wealth fund in everything the world over.

    This is essentially the party of a lifetime thanks to the governments of the world. It might be 3AM at the party, but they're still serving free food and drinks. Thus, no one is leaving.

    Suggest you all get some while the getting is good.
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    agree 1000%.
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    I wonder if he has "closed the deal" with Becky Quick?

  5. So well put, I couldn't have said it better myself.
  6. Let's suppose he has in depth info about the chinese stock market, why would he reveal it to the retail investor?

    What he wants is that people dump chinese stocks, to buy US ones, specially the ones he holds now.

    Wake up!
  7. Good call! No wonder he's in China right now.
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    I give him credit for a little more integrity than that.
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