Buffett unloading short dollar positions

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rolex49, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. rolex49


    Heard a rumour the other day (weds) that Warren Buffett was unloading some of his short dollar positions hence the selling in the euro-dollar early afternoon and more continued selling today. Has anyone else heard of this or is there someone sitting on a nice short stiring things up a bit???
  2. Buffet and Gates smashed our currency and then gloated about it, and told everyone else to do the same. All perfectly legitimate. But Buffet doesn't need that kind of profile now, with possible legal troubles.
  3. Q
    Berkshire Hathaway cut its wager after losing $900 million from foreign-currency investments this year. Buffett, who has said the U.S. trade deficit would weaken the dollar, reduced his foreign-currency forward contracts to $16.5 billion in September from $21.5 billion in June, Berkshire said in a Nov. 4 statement.

    True or not?