Buffett to CNBC......

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ARealGannTrader, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Let the POTUS do his job.

    He states that there are people constantly criticizing our leader in a time of crisis. Let the leader do his job and lead!!!

    You should have seen the look on Joe Kernan's face. Did he say anything about socialism like he does almost every other day?


    If you really believe what you are saying Joe, talk that talk to the Oracle.
  2. Buffett is a socialist, but not a stupid one. he knows which way the wind blows.
  3. You are not a big believer in a middle ground between pure capitalism and pure socialism, are you?

  4. The problem is President Zero is doing his job, as he sees it.

    Liberals thought it was good fun to undermine the previous president on national security issues, but suddenly no criticism is to be allowed of a guy whose previous financial experience consisted of managing his household account?
  5. perhaps the fairness doctrin can require '2 Minutes Buffett' every day on CNBC