Buffett: There is now a partial run on Europe

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  1. Warren Buffett on CNBC: 'Not Clear' Europe Has Will or Ability to Resolve Crisis

    Published: Monday, 14 Nov 2011 | 6:18 AM ET

    Warren Buffett says it's not clear Europe has the will or ability to do "whatever it takes" to resolve its debt crisis.

    He thinks we're seeing a partial run on Europe and he's concerned about lack of confidence in the continent.

    Appearing live on CNBC's Squawk Box this morning, Buffett says he looks at European sovereign debt every day but has not gotten back into it. He also tells Becky Quick that Berkshire Hathaway does not own stocks in Eurozone banks and hasn't yet seen any opportunities to buy. He would need to understand them better, he says, before investing.

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    I'm 100% sure that if he decides to buy, he will go on Cnbc and tell it to us BEFORE he buys :D
  3. Email is sufficient. :D