Buffett Still Supporting Obama

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    I guess when you have bought and paid for a politician you have to stick with him through thick and thin.

    Following reports that President Obama phoned Warren Buffett from vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to discuss the economy, The “Oracle of Omaha” is hosting a fund-raiser for Obama’s re-election, billed as an “economic forum,” Page Six has learned. Tickets for the event at New York’s Four Seasons restaurant on Sept. 30 start at $10,000 a head, with VIP tickets a budget-boosting $35,800. Guests get an hour of “Q&A moderated by one of President Obama’s closest economic advisors, Austan Goolsbee.” VIP ticket-holders get a “private reception for about 20 minutes prior to the dinner.” A blurb with the invite adds, “As all guests are seated for dinner, Buffett will go around to all tables and shake hands, then he and Austan will sit for the program and discussion.” What will be discussed is Buffett’s recent highly publicized claim that the wealthy should pay higher taxes. But as one invitee sniffed, “Nothing like advocating tax equality when you are charging $35,800 a ticket.”

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    Either that or he's senile.
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    Who? Obama or Buffett? :D
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  5. Obama, who said he hasn't officially announced his candidacy for a second term, but is on his way to raising over $1B dollars for his 'Maybe I'll Change" campaign.....

    Stay tuned
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    Max E.

    377OHMS probably already reserved an entire table so he could contribute to the campaign, and profess his undying love for Obama.

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    I think you've got OHMS all wrong. Just because he doesn't like Ron Paul doesn't make him an Obama fan. He's just trying to drive home the point that Paul would be a disaster as the Republican nominee.
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    Not long ago Ohms (I hear "Hohlms" when I read it) admitted he hated Obama with "every fiber" of his being. That immediately identified him as certifiably insane, and the perfect newest (regular) poster to P&R!
  9. Buffy is a muzzie-loving, Israel-hating commie and he should be imprisoned for 50 years.

    God bless America.

  10. Like the way it hurts....?

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