Buffett should keep cheerleading the economy. "Confidence is the cheapest stimulus."

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  1. Lots of folks say (especially politicos), "we want everybody to spend"... That, of course, is to continue to prop "things" up at an artificially high level and price.

    What we NEED... is a cleansing, downward adjustment in ALL things to establish value. THEN the economy and spending will pick up on their own accord. Government doesn't want that, of course, because it will make them look even worse than the PUKE they already are.
  2. Yah Buffett is helping Obama, If Obama succeeds, the conservatives will be out in the political wilderness for the next 100 years.
  3. Really, just WHAT does America have to be confident about? China... now THEY have a reason to be confident.
  4. Buffett needs to get people to spend their money.

    We are in a dangerous situation if confidence can't be instilled in the public.
  5. Confidence comes from citizens looking around and seeing good economic things... in their own economic lives, too. For Buffet, Obama or the administration TELLING us to be confident or begging/pleading for us to spend... ain't gonna cut it.

    Obama deceptively ran for office on the concept of "fundamental change". Well we still need that... BUT IN THE OPPOSITE, CAPITALISTIC DIRECTION.
  6. The average household is stuffed full of shit that people don't want and don't need. Most people park in the driveway because their garages are so full of this shit.
    Buffett says go out and spend money that you don't have on more shit you don't need? WTF?
    America has been brainwashed into this so called consumer society where people buy what they are told to. When are people going to wake up?
    As for Buffett, what a lowlife. The Insurance industry is one of the biggest problems that America is currently facing. Warren Buffett is a force for evil.
  7. People feel wealthy when they have cash and financial reserves... not when they are overloaded with crap and debt.
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    blah blah blah this and that, who cares what buffet says, everyone hangs on every damn word he says. Let him keep cheerleading the economy, you can easily do that when your worth tens of billions of dollars, see if those out of work and living on a tight budget if they feel the same way. Its completely worthless to listen to him when he falls into the top 5 most wealthiest people of all time while over 40,000,000 people in this country live in poverty.
  9. There is an element of luck involved in wealth generation. Buffett was lucky, he took full use of his opportunities during one of the greatest wealth-generating period in America's history. Nowadays, its much harder.
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