Buffett says US in 'economic Pearl Harbor'

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  1. I'm sure the Japanese military saw Pearl Harbor coming.
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    Buffet is washed up and has lost his ever loving mind! Just look at his investments in GS and GE!

    He totally contradicted himself in those investments.
  3. Lets not forget he endorsed Obama. Yes, I'd say he lost his mind considering he turned his back on everything that got him to where he is. Notice he hasn't been doing any press in a while. He was on cnbc every other day during the height of the elections.

    Old fat bastard.

  4. My comment was unwarrented. Just a little angry at people dissing Warren Buffett over a short term period, when he will make out like a mad man over the longer term, even if he bought a little high. No one saw the magnitude of the meltdown that we saw and October coming. Politically there was no choice, either Obama or a woman vice president. Who do you think was going to win after Katrina and the subprime mess which directly targeted black people?
  5. FDR was warned repeately by the military that Japan was interested in attacking Pearl Harbor.

  6. You think buffet is really that stupid? He is a huge philanthropist, and the govt. probably approached him when things looked the bleakest in order to soothe the markets. He gets to give money to shore up the US financial system (the system that he owes his success to), and he starts his media exposure, saying he's buying, etc etc. He is one of the most reveared investors in the world, and he was used to "soothe" the markets. I think buffet knows he will be long gone before GS and GE give him any real ROI, but this was his greatest act of philanthropy ever, an act that benefits all of us. If we would've seen a collapse of the financial system, our country would be in an absurd amount of tumult and chaos, and you are high if you think you would still be "trading" while a scenario like this was unfolding.

    He "took one for the team". Maybe you should be thankful.
  7. Do you see the irony of you living in your parents' basement criticizing the guy who was #1 on the 2008 Forbes list of the world's billionaires?
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    You say he took one for the team and he owes his success to the system?

    So... You are saying that he lied just to slip the beer goggles over other investors? That makes sense?!?!

    Your saying the system brought him success? It had nothing to do with him? Once again I am bam-boozalded!
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    If you paid any attention around here you would pull your foot out off your mouth.

    Did I say Buffets whole life was a wash? No! I was referring to the GS and GE investments. I stand by my statement that he has lost when it comes to judging this crisis as a "Pearl harbor".

    Maybe I would've given him a little slack if he referred it to the "Hiroshima and Nagasaki" incident for Japan.
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