Buffett says, "I think we're in a recession until real per capita GDP gets back to w

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  1. Buffett says, "I think we're in a recession until real per capita GDP gets back to where it was before."

    Didnt this ASS CLOWN socialist tell the American People about 3 weeks ago that his companies were doing well and that he see's us outa the recession?

    I mean, do these idiots think the American People are that fucking stupid that most do not catch them when they flip-flop.

    GDP to get back to where it was? Are you kidding me. Where it was when? During the BUBBLE? or in the early 80s. Does BUFFET really think GDP is going to return to "BACK WHERE IT WAS"?

    The whole Dynamics of the ECONOMY are changing faster than the Wind.

    I call him a Moron who is nothing but a Wind Bag. MONEY can make MORE MONEY even in Hard Times. It doesn't take rocket science to stay wealthy during a depression, when your well capitalized and take little risk.

    How the fuck does this ASS CLOWN make money?
  2. EMR,

    Not sure how to put this to ya, but Buffett is one the greatest investors of all time. His balance sheets support that assertion.

    Calling him names instead of studying his methodology would, upon first blush, indicate that you lack......something.
  3. Okay so what time frame does "where it was before" mean?

    If it is before the bubble than the year 2000?

    So does he mean that all that GDP growth during 2000-2008 was artificial?
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    Buffett gets a little more senile every time I take a crap.
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    Not all of it but a significant portion of it. That's what happens when you get money for nothing and chicks for free.

  6. Before the plunge, about 2007.
    He makes money from selling to morons like you, who buy because price has gone up.