Buffett on "speed dial" to Obama, bought GS then advised debt for U.S. future to +GS.

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    Funny how GS is sitting at $146 and not say $29 bucks!
  2. Somebody asked Willie Sutton why he robbed banks and he said "because that's where the money is". Buffett gets it from the public sector because nowadays that's the way it works. In previous times the money resided with the Nobility and people had to play court politics to get to it.
  3. Some of these billionaires need their illegal activities hacked and leaked.

    If you work on the inside, you can leak. If you work on the outside, you can hack.

    You can still collect your paycheck. No one has to know, except you, that it was you who started a story that was read in every country around the globe!

    It has never been easier to submit information anonymously. Most leak sites will FIGHT to keep from knowing your name. They don't WANT to know your name.

    The Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera, Cryptome, and others, have the capability to receive information anonymously. And RT.com will publish what is too hot for others to handle.

    Maybe someone reading this right now, can safely make news that's heard around the world!
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    well..at least he is honest enough to say it publicly on TV. i didn't bought,maybe you didn't buy either. he bought it and tell us to buy too.
    i remember his exact words-ooo..I'm buying..i'm buying now with both hands. that when market was falling really hard.
    remember old ET thread,where ET fools are bashing him for this PARTICULAR purchase? who is laughing now?

    same with Fed and housing. i can find my post about it while ago.for at least 6 months Fed is screaming-buy house! buy it now! surprised by price jump in Phoenix today? i'm not. when those two are telling you to buy-you better buy.

  5. good points.

    but, i'd still like to see hacks and leaks from the inside of some of these mega-companies. and i bet most other people would, too!

    good luck to all you digital explorers out there!
  6. Remember to hack and leak information on all the illegal Wall Street activities.

    Get promoted in your department after your superiors get their activities leaked.

    It's never been easier to leak anonymously. Rt.com, Wikileaks, Cryptome.

    You could see your story printed throughout the world - and you can still draw a paycheck by leaking the story anonymously!

  7. I bashed buffet 5 years ago. lol.:D
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    Buffet reminds me of the late Sam Walton.

    He used to ride around in an old truck saying 'I'm just a hillbilly, don't know too much'.

    Sorry but hillbillies don't build billion $ businesses from scratch. It's all an act.

    Same with many Irish businessmen (from Ireland, not the fake US ones who have to use Google maps to locate Ireland).

    If you ever come across one NEVER BELIEVE THEM because they'll charm you, tell you how sophisticated you are coming from the 'big city' whereas they're just simple folk from a small village in Donegal. If an Irishman ever spins that crap on you, he's trying to set you up and whereas you might think you're sharp, you're a blunt blade compared to his super sharp razor........
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