Buffett lunch bidding hits $2m

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  1. June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Warren Buffett’s lunch auction to benefit a San Francisco charity has drawn a top offer of $2 million with four days of bidding remaining, putting the annual frundraiser ahead of last year’s pace.

    The weeklong auction on EBay Inc., which began yesterday, has generated bids from at least two potential donors as of 9:57 a.m. in San Francisco, according to the website. Last year, bidding reached $400,100 on the third day and set a record of $2.63 million in the final hours. This year’s auction closes June 10.


  2. hiptogo


    wow...lunch for 8! for only 2 mill. what a deal. :p
    but im assuming with his advice...ppl can end up making
  3. You are $2m in the hole to start with. His advice? Buy low, sell high... :D What a deal!