Buffett is hiring investment manager

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  1. He should make the selection into a reality show.
  2. Drew07


    Who do I send my resume to?
  3. what are requirements to participate in this show? Singing , acting, ability to do what ever needed ?
  4. I bet he will hire the guy who currently runs Yale's endowment fund

    First he gave $$ to Gates and now this.

    google the guy from Yale. Very impressive.

  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Swensen
  6. By young he means 50-60 range of age.:)

    50 is the new 40. Then I must be in my pre-K age. 8 what???????
  7. If you're interested in joining the race, you'll face some stiff competition for what one Buffett observer called the best job in money management. And yet, despite overwhelming interest in the position, finding somebody capable of taking the investment reins from Buffett will be an almost impossible task, Berkshire shareholders said.

  8. moise


    He needs to hire someone with emerging market experience. The real opportunities are in China and India.