Buffett......I don't get it !

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    I really don't. Can someone enlighten me why Buffett is so against dropping double taxation on dividends. Why would any capitalist want extra taxes.
  2. Maybe, because were double taxation to be ended, he would be pressured by his shareholders to payout dividends, thereby lessening his ability to hoard cash and allocate it among his companies as he sees fit.
  3. I don't think he is totaly against it. He just said this is voodoo economics - tax cuts that may not help the economy much.....

    Tax cuts for the rich ones....
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    i know *i'm* opposed to the taxation benefits.

    i believe that the tax that should get cut is the *company's* part, not the individual's.

    independent of that, i love hearing the rationalization of "target to normal people" part of this; stocks have always been held by the wealthiest people, since the poorest people can't afford stocks.
  5. Maybe (other than items essential for living) they should rearrange their priorities...
  6. Oh yeah, that's just wonderful advice.

    "Okay honey, now that we've accounted for all our food, clothing and shelter needs, why don't we bet the rest on the off chance that after 30 years we might come out ahead a little (or a lot)? Afterall, the only worthwhile thing to do with our lives is work, eat, sleep and hope to get rich."
  7. Buffett is a typical rich, limousine liberal. He is a big player in one of the country's most liberal newspapers, the Washington Post. He is against dividend tax reform because Bush proposed it, pure and simple.

    I find it more than a little hypocritical that a guy who goes to great lengths to dodge corporate taxes, perfectly legally of course, wants to lecture ordinary working people that they should pay more.
  8. Actually guys, you got it all wrong. Buffett is not the ultimate capitalistic money hungry vampire that you might expect. The reason why he is not too happy with the removal of dividends tax is that he believes this "tax cut" will only serve the rich/mega rich and will leave the poor out in the cold.

    He is a righteous man with a philanthropic mind. That is why he is so rich. Money means nothing to him. He eats at McD's at least twice a week or so I heard.

    Take it ez.
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    Ha Ha he eats at Macdonald , he's a ffing miser. He probably doesn't know what decent food is. He wants the little guy to think he's one of them meantime he takes their money.

  10. lol....he's never on a top 100 list of donors....has a live in mistress (while living separately from his wife who lives in Calif.). The only statements I've seen about actual use of money include a limit of 1 mill. to each of his kids for inheritence and the rest going to Planned Parenthood upon his death (in the way of his stock).

    I admire his financial achievements and his sharp wit...but not how he's used the great bounty to help mankind. Since he's a lifelong Democrat, I wouldv'e expected more from him.
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