Buffett: "I am still THE BEST"

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    Buffett: "I am still THE BEST"

    That is out of context and character for Buffett.
    More to the point, I can't locate the quote, in the Bloomberg link, provided by you.
  2. the title is my creative writing :D
  3. TRS


    Well, drop the quotation marks.
  4. this is very unrepresentative. He made it clear that HE was nothing special in 2008 either

    Very poor thread
  5. RUMOR Buffet is considering Tim Sykes as a possible heir to the throne.

    The Oracle got wind of his fabulous performance and marketing skills.
  6. I thought it was the MARKET that made that clear.
  7. NOT.
  8. LMeyers


    LOL. I suppose he is doing that just to avoid having to pick the PURETICK crowd as his successors.:)