Buffett And Gates Encourage Billionaires To Donate At Least Half of Their Fortunes

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  1. For what?

    We have subsidized housing, free education till 12th grade perhaps free college for some, food stamps, HEAP for heat assitance, some places have free day care (schools. jobs, state jobs), free health care (if you think not, who pays for the patch job when the boyz in the hood get shot)?

    Bloomberg pays people to go to school, the dentist, the Dr, etc.

    During Katrina the gov passed out $300 dollar atm cards. I mean what does charity want or need? Just more money?

    I could understand private donations if the gov't was shy on the dole but pffttt. we have a generous gov't, trying to be all things to all people.

    Link to Buffett article

  2. What Buffet and Gates realize, that many in their class don't, is that we have an economic system that is mostly supportive of the extremely wealthy.

    Many don't understand this and attack their fellow Americans that are on the dole. What they don't realize, is that these Americans are merely getting by, whereas the real government supported wealth transfers and wealth protection goes to the billionaires.

    When Wall Street was bailed out, the extremely wealthy disproportionately were bailed out. The wealthy, through incorporation, can declare Bankruptcy and socialize their losses (think Trump) and maintain extreme wealth status. The little people? When they do that they are truly wiped out.

    In a true capitalist society, failure would be much more common. The concentration of wealth would be far less extreme that we see today.

    So Gates and Buffet know this yet instead of creating some think-tank or political action committee that espouses true capitalism which would actually affect them negatively, they publicly support a theory of "Noblesse Oblige." That is, in order to maintain the deck stacked in theirr favor, the wealthy should voluntarily give up some of their wealth, least the system reaches its historical dead-end - i.e. a French or Bolshevik style uprising.

    We are approaching the two-three year mark of this crisis. Millions of Americans are financially wiped out and unemployed. Yet the billionaires of the world have safely maintained or recaptured their pre-crisis wealth.

    Gee, how did that happen?
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    Jesus said that the poor would always be with us!!

    The Great Society program has gone for 60 years now, there are more poor now maybe than when it started! Being poor is an industry in the US, you get some money because you are sick, lame, or lazy and you get a sign and sit on a busy street and take donations, in some areas there are guys running it like a business and collecting an override from each beggar and maintaining their own territory like drug dealers!!
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    Are they trying to buy their way into Heaven?

    I haven't heard if Bill and Warren have donated THEIR billions to charity yet. Maybe they just want the others to do it.

    I know I'm getting my $500 mil ready to hand out since I can't think for myself. :D

    "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:24)
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    My friend, kudos for the post.
    Most of the ET wanna be rich do not have the clue that we are not living either in a democracy or capitalism. These billionaires are more enlightened than the average rich who likely inherited or insider of some business scam that sucks off the government. They are the most rabid critiques of welfare....
    Grant you most people are dumb and lazy. Some have mental disorder, yet unable to get disability. Look at the black guy who was NBA for 10-years, made 2+ million and now he lives in an old Buick.
    At the same time we spend billions on war, giveaways and other bullshit and just cut the UI for millions. These fuckers KNOW that there is a revolution in the air...Gates and Buffett are very smart.
    The rest of the cock$uckers are just dumb and greedy.
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    Google the gates foundation . Google how much buffet gave to the gates foundation. Your an idiot . Just because your rich doesn't mean you go to hell .... there are the greedy rich and the generous rich, big difference. Big difference between a rich coke dealer or rapper than someone like bill gates or buffet.
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    I think the charities they are involved with do a lot of things globally and in areas that the government lacks any real support for. Also even though things like basic education is free it could be improved which Gates does help with. Alot of worthy causes out there in need of financial support both inside and outside the United States.
  8. The government has created 4th generation welfare recipients.

    Now it's time for billionaires to do their part to ensure that a 5th generation is produced.

    Welfare: It's a lifestyle!
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    virtually all problems are spiritual. That is why Jesus said that we would always have the poor with us. He knows that not all are spiritual successes.... I only give to the beggars if I can talk to them about rehab and Jesus, otherwise giving them money is likely not changing anything...
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