Buffett 20% annualized gains over 45 years

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  1. TOTAL BULLSHIT! Average annual return over last 11 years has been 5.9% (per StockCharts.com). No way to manipulate that to "20%/yr".

    And prior to the big gain from Mar, '09, low... BRK.A's 10-year average gain was only a smidge above ZERO PERCENT PER YEAR!.
  2. you realize buffet could lose 99.9% of his money and he'd still have more than 99,99999999999 % of you.
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    That's nothing. With the new advances in forex trading and many trading robots generating 20% per week (and a few discretionary traders right here on ET), it's a matter of time before his wannabe "track record" will be put to shame.
  4. sure and donald trump really is worth that he says he is... lol

    best business is selling the idea you know what your doing.. even when you dont.
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    The man has $40 billion. Without getting out my calculator, how in the hell do you think he created all that without some very impressive returns?

    Man, the people here on ET crack me up. There is ALWAYS a conspiracy, I guess.
  6. Other than Buffet and Munger, please list all the people that have actually held BRKA for 45 years.

    Please note: Dead people don't count.
  7. It is not total BS, just minor BS. Over the first 34 years the compound annual return was over 25%.

    The much flatter performance over the last 11 years brings it down to the 20% over 45 years.
  8. He would fail starting from today. no question
  9. Its much harder to keep up the pace now that he's putting billions to work.
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