Buffet's holdings as of June 30th

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  1. The 33 Stocks in the Buffett Portfolio

    1 Coca-Cola KO: Wide Moat, 5 Stars
    2 American Express AXP: Wide Moat, 3 Stars
    3 Proctor & Gamble PG: Wide Moat, 3 Stars
    4 Wells Fargo WFC: Wide Moat, 5 Stars
    5 Moody's MCO: Wide Moat, 3 Stars
    6 Wesco Financial WSC: Narrow Moat, 5 Stars
    7 Washington Post WPO: Wide Moat, 5 Stars
    8 M&T Bank MTB: Narrow Moat, 3 Star
    9 Shaw Communications SJR: Not Rated
    10 American Standard ASD: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
    11 First Data FDC: Wide Moat, 4 Stars
    12 Gap GPS: Narrow Moat, 5 Stars
    13 Comcast CMCSA: Wide moat, 4 Stars
    14 USG Corporation USG: Not Rated
    15 Gannett CGI: Narrow Moat, 5 Stars
    16 Costco COST: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
    17 SunTrust Bank STI: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
    18 Nike NKE: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
    19 Iron Mountain IRM: Wide Moat, 3 Stars
    20 Tyco International TYC: Narrow Moat, 4 Stars
    21 Pier 1 Imports PIR: No Moat, 5 Stars
    22 Outback Steakhouse OSI: No Moat, 5 Stars
    23 ServiceMaster SVM: Narrow Moat, 2 Stars
    24 Lexmark International LXK: Narrow Moat, 5 Stars
    25 Sealed Air SEE: Narrow Moat, 5 Stars
    26 PetroChina PTR: Narrow Moat, 1 Star
    27 Home Depot HD: Wide Moat, 4 Stars
    28 Mueller Industries MLI: Not Rated
    29 Comdisco Holding CDCO: Not Rated
    30 Lowes Companies LOW: Wide moat, 3 Stars
    31 Dean Foods DF: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
    32 Anheuser Busch BUD: Wide Moat, 5 Stars
    33 Kingfisher KGFHY: Not Rated


    New adds : Home Depot, Lexmark and Tyco.
    Not mentioned which may have been sold or gonna be sold: H&R Block and Torchmark.
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    Do you have a list of the Currencies he's holding also?
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    And, could you provide me with his home # in Omaha? I would like to talk to that cheap-ass . . .
  4. I wanna send him spam:

    Dear Warren,

    Lemme trade your currencies. I won't fck-em up like you do.
  5. I have a nice car for sale top quality, stole it from sears he will love it.
  6. Tomorrow at the opening you will see a lot of buy market orders like this:

    KO 47 shares
    AXP 40 shares
    PG 36 shares
    WFC 33 shares

    Good Luck!
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  8. "However, Berkshire continues to struggle to find bargains--whether in equities, bonds, or acquisitions--as evidenced by a cash hoard that is approaching $50 billion. Although Berkshire has made several small acquisitions this year, cash seems to arrive in Omaha ever faster."

    geeeeeeeeesh, talk about a cash cow!
  9. now that we're on the subject of Warren Buffett, maybe something you guys can answer...

    he lives in a small shack just like everyone else. he drives a POS Lincoln Towncar.

    his clothes are probably cheap suits.

    therefore, what practical use is any of his $10s of billions of dollars net worth?

    guys that have $50k to their name live the same way he does!

    so what use is there of him having it??

    he probably shops for his food at Smart & Final.
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    Making fun of how he lives is no real justification to challenge his investment philosophy. It is merely an extention of that philosophy. There are a few people that can claim his LT track record and although value investing may be out of favor now, there is a reason for it.

    The Housing ATM is out of control, Inflation Targets are soon to be a reality, Credit cards are soon to double their minimum payments, 30% of 200-500 Billion will be converted into US dollars thanks to currency repatriation (i wonder what that will do to buffets dollar position?) I can go on......

    And be respectful of those who have the scorecard: they are better than you. It is that simple. The clothes do not make you someone to admire, your success does. Only an idiot belives the former.
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