buffet's fortune and the environment

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  1. could someone explain me why i am the only one who seems to be worried about this?

    i wish he would buy the amazon rainforest and the last remaingin strips of african rainforest, because because of his money the africans and brazilian population will only explode even more and cut all the trees and nature

    i find it hard to believe the earth will survive with china and india starting to burn oil like madmen (like the us now) while on the equator we are cutting away all the trees
  2. am i that much detached from humanity? lol
  3. =============

    PREFER forests myself;
    chose to Live next to one and on one .
    Its a blessing.

    Gates is[msft] the gate keeper now ,why dont you ask them,preferably with a CERTIFIED LETTER:cool: ???????

    Agree with much of your wise forestry concern;
    fortunately in many parts of the world including the midsouth ,cut ALL the trees, resprouts NICELY from roots, seeds WITHIN 1 YEAR!!!!!!!!!

    Not really ''cutting all the trees.''.....:p ;
    be careful of media''untruths- lies about globalwarming/kill the trees'';
    because most trees if you dont cut ,then they die in 100 years or so anyway, so its a valuable resource wasted.
    Forestry /logging is nicely merged in our area

    Redwoods... do live longer
  4. What a crock of shit cityboy. Trees (limber trees) live for thousands of years. I've cut down many trees greater than 700 years old.
    Although these have all been in the US, so you may have no knowledge of these trees.
  5. Should say lumber trees.

    I can't believe someone would claim a 100 year life span on trees. :confused: