Buffet says buy equities but gives no good argument!!!!!

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    best thing is to ask him how he feels about derivatives?He had been railing against them for his entire career until the 2000's.He changed his game plan/discipline and sold puts on emerging markets etc...Some say he s down 40bil on those put strategies.
    This market is making fools out of of the smartest guys in the room:Kirkorian,Icahn,Adelson...
    Extremely dangerous to get in front of a train.
  2. in 43 years Berkshire Hathaway had ONLY ONE negative year -6% in 2001. YTD it is -36%.

    i think it is gonna have +30% run-up before year end.
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    the smartest guys in the room don't get stuck like these guys. Lucky, ballsy, well connected, good info, conviction... older than the baby boomers yes... Smartest? I think that is now questionable. If the president of coke lived across the street from your house - you might have picked a good investment concept too.
  4. You seem to have a mind enslaved by the Jewish people. All three are Jews. You call them the smarest guys, when you have the evidence that they are not. And what proof you have that they are not the dumbest guys in the room?

    The smarest guys in the room are other people. RFT is leading them!

  5. Buffet did not make his money from investing in the sense that people here think and do.

    He did it using the hidden shafts? Do you know/(want to know) what they are? His investment is just a smoke screen. It is not the profit center. His investment gains are just 5% (at most) of his wealth.

    RFT knows them. In all in there, but people do not get it.
  6. kerkorian is an armenian, don't know about the other two.
  7. Thanks for correcting me. I have known a person (he was then about to retire), and he told me that he was with Kerkorian back in the 80s in Tangiers (near spain). They had party of some sort there, and it was at the time when they finished the LBO (version 1).

    That person liked to talk a lot, and he was Jewish. I enjoyed talking to him very much. So I assumed that Kerkorian was Jewish too.

    Intelligence have no religion, race, gender, etc. The smartets guys in the room are those who the facts show they are smart, not what the media tells us who is and who is not smart.
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    buffetts stock portfolio is getting killed along with the market. one of the reasons he's earnings are still positive its because of the way his private business are dealt in GAAP. there is no doubt that Sees candy is worth less now that it was in Aug 07, yet that doesn't show up on his books
  9. He is a shill obviously and his masters called upon him to pay some of it back and to try and stabilise the markets.


    "What the heck, I'm really old anyway who cares if I blow up."
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