Buffet may be overrated and brk.a stock is a bubble

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  1. I have come to the realization that warren buffet may be overrated and that brk.a is in a bubble. I woke up early this morning and watched about ten minutes of the CNBC squack box buffet Q&A and released that buffet has no better idea about the direction of the economy or stock market than anyone else. He says stocks aren't cheap and we're in a recession. Ohhh I'm so scared. I guess I should sell everything now and go hide in a bomb shelter till the fallout settles.

    He's like I bought coke in 1981..gee even a halfwit could have made money buying almost anything in 1981 and holding a few decades.) Also, the reason why brk.a stock keeps going up is cause idiot, wealthy investors are anticipating a huge buffet windfall from buying the market dips and geico. There are no fundamental reasons to justify the massive surge in BRK.a stock in the past six months. This has the makings of a small bubble. BRK.a is up 30%!!!! while the dow is flat for the past year. Why? Anticipation! Of what? Who knows. This is a bubble. Expect this overpriced pump stock to fall back to 110K in six-nine months or so.
  2. you still alive
  3. I'm cutting the posting activity dramatically. This market sucks and I'm holding on to a bunch of stocks with combination of profits and losses and it seems it will be awhile b4 the market goes higher again so there isn't much to say right now.
  4. Didn't you run your mouth how "stupid Buffet was to miss AAPL" back in Oct/Nov? I told you the market will find a way to blow you out of the game with maximum pain while Buffet will still be here doing his thing and increasing his market cap over the long haul.
  5. A P/E of 15.39 doesn't look like a bubble to me:

    There are times where nobody may 'predict' the stock market, the important thing is that now it's a good time to buy and wait.
    How much you have to wait? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?, It remains to be seen, but as long as you make money in the long run, it's OK.
  6. Stock_Trad3r thinks BRK.A is a bubble with a PE around 15, but he loved BIDU with a PE over 250!!!!

    Paper traders....so funny.
  7. toc


    Don't know if brk.a is a bubble but does sound like
    Stock_Trad3r is an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Do you know how stupid you sound?
  9. oh my, day7793 and stocktrad3r are posting at the same time! Welcome back stock, your alter ego day7793 has taken the reigns of the stupidst person alive, but you are firmly in the copilots seat. Hows your momo paper portfolio doing this year? Yeah they sure took your index out to the woodshed.
  10. Nah, they're different people, just equally as stupid.

    hard to believe, I know.
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