Buffet just about even with Gates.

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by MRWSM, Aug 17, 2005.

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    wow. that's pretty amazing. I remember only a few years ago, he was at least $10B-$15B behind.

    so, who guess how long it will be until Buffett BEATS Gates? Next year?

    He's like $2B behind only. That's less than 10% return for BRK...
  3. how is his bet against US dollor? Did he cover his short?

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    I guess you forgot, Gates donated $25B to his foundation a few years back. That amount was subtracted from his wealth.
  5. The 25 Billion was not subtracted from his wealth. Also consider the age difference.

  6. Gates is a very good man to donate such a large amount of money to help the kids in Africa. A role model for us all.
  7. What happened?
    Did BG stall/go down or Buff go up?
  8. If only Buffet bought some crude when he had the insight to buy silver.

    I guess thats why he is an investor and not a trader.
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    In 2004 Buffet gained 40% net worth, it looks like he's headed for about another 40% gain this year. Just think, every time you pay your insurance some of it probably ends up in Buffets pocket. LOL At least we can thank him for higher insurance rates after his comments that insurance premiums were too low.
  10. Gates is an asshole. Far easier to give 25B$ when you're worth 50B$ than 25$ when you earn 50$/day...
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