Buffet goes "all in" on BAC and states it is the best stock in the market...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by chaosclarity, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. $5 billion!!! Buffet going long big!!!
  2. Trump called it first...:cool:
  3. Too bad John Q Public doesn't get to take part in that 6.5% dividend.
  4. baro-san


    He's a just a gambler and manipulator these days. It seems his mind and luck are not what they were before. Few people know when to retire gracefully.
  5. GATT


    It wouldn't surprise me, if those 5 billions are FED money tagged with Buffet's name.
  6. Really? He just got another outstanding deal for berkshire once again.

  7. Isn't this redux of the Goldman deal?

    Is he signaling another '08 meltdown?
  8. BAC just got a pay day loan from BRK. Nothing more nothing less BAC is in need of cash lucky for them Buffett pay day loans were available.
  9. clacy


    Our federal government is so broke, that Buffet has become the PPT.
  10. he shitz his diaper thinking about those putz he sold.
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