Buffet: Fiscally, we are in uncharted territory. US ‘Monetary Medicine’ Causes Danger

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  1. I don't know why people idolize this guy. Sure, the wealthiest man on the planet turns out to be the nicest... gimme a break.

    If Buffett doesn't use insider info to make his investment decisions then I'm Jessi Livermoore.

    Most of his investments were growth stocks anyway. Don't know why he dumps this value investment garbage on the public.
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    Warren Buffet is absolutely correct in this article. Short term, the world can handle this enormous amount of treasuries being shoveled into the system. But if nothing is done by the end of 2010, the '70's will be a cakewalk compared to what would come.
  3. I cannot understand why anyone would listen to this man after the stunts he pulled last fall. He even had poor Bernanke quoting him before congress...........lol.
  4. Buffets recent derivatives trades may very well blow up his 3 decades of buying and holding.
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    Lies? What lies. Spell them out.

    Thieving? What has he stolen. Show us the evidence.

    Criminal SOB? What crimes has he committed? Again, lay out the evidence.
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    Wow, a lot of crackheads on this forum.
  7. This is Warren Buffet's public face:


    Here he is in his private lair, willing Geithner & Bernanke, using dark powers, to bail out AIG:

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  9. You will not see any evidence, because there is no evidence.

    People just bash Buffett because they are jealous of his money and his respect within the investing community.
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