Buffet doesn't see a credit crunch

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  1. He doesn't see a credit crunch for himself and BRKA.
  2. he misssed the tech boom as well the isnt infallible
  3. he's sitting on $43 billion in cash (or Swiss Francs) waiting for an 80% off sale...

    I lost all respect for the guy when he said Hillary would make a great prez....

    he needs to sign up for assisted living...
  4. He's right in a sense:


    you can get a house loan quite easily if you have decent credit. It's just the subprime people that are suffering.

    Same with corporate world. But where I disagree with him is that many smaller companies and LBO's that used to use junk bonds are having trouble issuing that. That has created in the past an artificially high market. Now there is a wide spread on junk, but I'm sure he would argue that is the way it should be...
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    Buffet was early in the game regarding warnings about excesses in housing derivatives, I'd bet on him before I would bet on internet posters any day......
  6. Arnie


    As much as I disdain the Bozo from Nebraska for his political views, I would have to agree with you.

    PS. Did he really say that about Hillary?
  7. When I was in the USA a few years ago I was surprised at how many trailer trash types and drunks were Republican Party supporters.
  8. yep, although seeing Obama making a run he said he donated to his cause also.............

    and of course, he's donating his billions to the Gates trust bypassing the tax system.....

    and the hypocrisy of it all is when he said his tax rate is too low.....and should be at least as high as the secretary that works for him....
  9. Daal


    what a find most amusing is the fact that his rate is lower and his answer to the problem is to raise them. anybody with a brain understands that the government taking in almost half of the US GDP got plenty to spend. he wants a fair system then fine say you are in favor of a flat tax that is revenue neutral, but to pretend that more money in washinton is a good desirable thing just so he can look great and give interviews pretending he's so compassionate its just sickening.

    people look down at guys who only care about monetary profit, well perhaps they should do the same for the people who will say and do anything for emotional profit
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