Buffer "Japan is a buy"

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  1. Fire sale, time to swoop like a vulture ...again.
  2. Yes, no question. look at CAT and other infrastructure US stocks also....
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    short term it might... long term many headwinds working against japan.. Debt burden, Population age to name a fewOn a macro level I don't think Japan will work, on a micro level there are definitely companies that are worth looking at...
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  5. What's a Buffer?
  6. Computer memory
  7. He is probably long Yen

    What Japanese companies does he have an interest in ?
  8. I suppose crisis investors make out well but the contamination may play out over months and I know the media is not reporting much on it due to Libya. Question is for Tokyo, has it seen the worst? Those reactors are broken and who is going to fix them?
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    exactly. SCJ is about 6% below "pre" quake levels. is it a buy at this level and worth all risks mentioned above on top of japan's massive debt?
    i'll pass this one..
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